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DSTV Installer For Hotels Cape Town Western Cape

Hotel DSTV Installer In Cape Town for either SD or HD DSTV Installation. This solution can be used in B n B’s, Guest Houses, Hotels, & Businesses. Cape Direct Connect offers professional TV Distribution Systems which will cater for any size and signal requirements.

We understand the need to provide your guests with the best television experience. This means that our systems are designed with fail safe measures which means your guests will have uninterrupted viewing of their shows after checking in.

TV Distribution Systems For Hotels In Cape Town

A Headend is a server which receives a signal from satellite dishes then decodes that signal, the signal is then encoded and multiplexed for transmission to different access points. Traditionally Analogue Headends have been used, but due to the increasing number of channels a new system was required which could be upgraded as the need becomes, Digital Headends were introduced. Cape Direct Connect the latest technology which allows access to streaming VOD services as well which can all be managed from one central point.

DSTV Hotel Installation Typical Architecture

Depending on the size of the building and requirements, Cape Direct Connect uses the Star Topology for smaller hotels with smaller systems. A central point in most cases a server room, basement or attic houses the headend which distributes the signal to all the rooms in the hotel.

Mixed Topology is the solution we use for hotels which require a larger system with subnetworks which group certain services into certain segments such as rooms on certain floors or users with streaming pass. 

Whatever Your TV Distribution System you require, we have a solution for you

Cape Direct Connect

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