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DSTV Installation & Fixing Signal Issues Project In Tokai

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It was a Saturday afternoon when we got a call from a client who stays in Tokai who wanted to know if we were available to come and install an additional DSTV decoder for his living room and to also help fix the signal issues which the client had been facing with their DSTV.

As we are a 24 hour DSTV installation company in Cape Town, we had a team of DSTV accredited technicians who were in Tokai fixing a DSTV Signal Issue which was the result of bad workmanship by previous installers.

The Installation Process

Cape Direct Connect has a process which we follow, this process allows us to eliminate human error when installing DSTV. We did our analysis to see what was causing the DSTV Signal Issues they were having and also how best we can position the satellite dish so that the client  will not have DSTV signal issues in the future.

As the house was surrounded by tall trees and plant growth is a known cause loss of signal error E48-32 on DSTV. Our best solution was to find an angle which would get the best signal and which also won’t be affected by the growth of the trees causing signal related issues in the future.

As the client wanted to install multiple DSTV xplora decoders in the house, we had to install a smart lnb. We installed the 3 DSTV decoders as the customer wanted to make use of DSTV’s xtra view service which allows customers to watch 3 separate channels on 3 different decoders from the same subscription. Please note the Extra view service carries an additional fee of R90 per month per additional decoder.

It took us about 2 hours to finish the DSTV installation and fix the signal issues the client was having.

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